7 new integrations to bring your goals to life

Integrate OKRs with your daily workflows

A while ago, we launched our Slack integration—allowing users to send notifications of progress updates, new OKRs and comments directly to a channel of their choice.

The response has been fantastic: Close to 30% of our customers have set up a Perdoo-Slack integration. They claim it’s a great way of staying in tune with other people’s work and progress. Slack channels also turned out to be the perfect place to celebrate achievements with the team.

Slack’s launch of reactions made interactions within the software even more fun. Now there are a gazillion ways to show your excitement about a co-worker’s progress. Reached a new milestone relaunching your homepage? – Pop a bottle!

Reacting on progress updates in Slack

At Perdoo, we find it important to help our users keep business goals top-of-mind and let entire organizations engage with them. This is how you stay focused and aligned. That’s why we’re proud to announce 7 (!) new integrations that facilitate teams in doing so: HipChat, Campfire, Podio, Flowdock, Fleep, Moxtra, Ryver.

Show OKR progress in the collaboration software HipChat

Currently, these integrations are invite-only. To get access, simply get in touch with our success team via success@perdoo.com. Missing an integration? Contact us as well. If you’re not using Perdoo yet, start your free trial to get started today.

Integrating Perdoo into Podio’s project management software

The beginning of something big

Our latest set of integrations is another step towards our mission to connect Perdoo to the tools you already use.

Our current integrations focus on bringing your goals into your daily workflow. Our next step will be to bring your daily work into your goals.

This type of integrations will allow you to easily pull data from other sources into Perdoo. Imagine for instance being able to tie your marketing goals to Hubspot and your traffic targets to Mixpanel. More to come, stay tuned!

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