We all know the saying “time is money,” but unlike money, there is no way to earn back time. Every minute that passes is gone forever, which is why you should spend time wisely. How teams spend their time will make or break the company. So what can teams do to make the best use[…]

Although it sounds like a no-brainer, it’s not always clear to teams brainstorming their Objectives what an Objective can be used for. To get more clarity on this, you should first understand that an Objective is always designed to get you out of your status quo. That means that if you’re completely satisfied with how[…]

This blog article is a full, slightly edited transcript of an Objectives and Key Results Crash Course video we published on YouTube.    A while ago, we published an OKR Crash Course, and it was exciting to see how it helped other organizations get started with OKR. Since then, we’ve implemented Objectives and Key Results[…]

Running effective team meetings is hard: attendees often drift off topic, waste time arguing about things with little importance, or end meetings without clear action items or decisions. The problem described is backed by research. According to research at Harvard, 71% of managers said their meetings are unproductive and inefficient, and 62% said meetings fail[…]

The days between Christmas and New Years are great to reflect on everything that happened throughout the year. Christmas, for me, is a time to go back home to the Netherlands and catch up with family and friends. They all want to know how Perdoo has been doing in the past year, forcing me to[…]

Establishing a successful OKR program in an organization is a challenge but the essence of OKR is simple and straightforward. A customer of ours once put it like this: “OKR is a proven, simple and highly effective way of setting, managing and communicating goals and results across your organization.” The OKR framework includes a set[…]

At the beginning of 2018, it’s important to set aside some time to close both your 2017 Company OKRs, as well as your Q4 Groups OKRs. We’ve explained the importance of closing and shared some best practices in a previous blog post. In December, before starting the Closing Process, it’s time to already start thinking[…]

Executives, leaders, managers, and consultants love talking about mission, vision, strategy, and tactics; all concepts that are widely discussed but also widely misunderstood. Challenge someone to define what a company mission really is, and you’ll end up in an endless discussion about what constitutes the right definition. Google doesn’t solve your problem: you’ll find dozens[…]

We receive a lot of questions at Perdoo about how to use OKR with other frameworks for managing people, processes, and activities in organizations. One of the most popular among companies who build software, like us, is Scrum; a software development framework that’s been around since the 90’s and one we’ve used internally. The benefits[…]

When you get started with OKR, you’ll quickly learn that selecting the right priorities for your OKRs can be as challenging as structuring and phrasing them correctly. That’s why it’s so important not to rush the process of creating OKRs for the upcoming period. If your team is going to spend a full quarter working[…]