Before implementing OKR, it’s important to understand that it often requires changing the way your entire organization approaches work. To be successful with the goal management framework, there are some criteria your company should meet. If you can answer the following seven questions with ‘yes,’ you’re ready to start your OKR journey. 1. Are you[…]

Executives, leaders, managers, and consultants love talking about mission, vision, strategy, and tactics; all concepts that are widely discussed but also widely misunderstood. Challenge someone to define what a company mission really is, and you’ll end up in an endless discussion about what constitutes the right definition. Google doesn’t solve your problem: you’ll find dozens[…]

We receive a lot of questions at Perdoo about how to use OKR with other frameworks for managing people, processes, and activities in organizations. One of the most popular among companies who build software, like us, is Scrum; a software development framework that’s been around since the 90’s and one we’ve used internally. The benefits[…]

When you get started with OKR, you’ll quickly learn that selecting the right priorities for your OKRs can be as challenging as structuring and phrasing them correctly. That’s why it’s so important not to rush the process of creating OKRs for the upcoming period. If your team is going to spend a full quarter working[…]

People have been talking about stretch goals for as long as there have been goals. Google’s rapid rise has sparked a whole new series of discussions about them. It’s widely known that Google has made stretch goals a core part of their culture—their Ten things we know to be true reads: “We set ourselves goals[…]

Organizations usually implement OKR company-wide, meaning that they set OKRs on a Company level as well as a Group level (departments, teams, etc.). A common question then is whether Group OKRs should directly drive progress on the Company OKRs. The answer to that is simple: No, they should not. In this article, I’ll explain why.[…]

One of the most underrated leadership skills is reflection, leaving executives and team leads to constantly react instead of lead. Most would agree it’s not enough to think instead of doing, well neither is it to do things without thinking. Taking a moment to step back allows your entire organization to lift their heads up,[…]

If you’re working in Marketing and feeling swamped by your to-do list, these example OKRs for Marketing teams can help you achieve clarity and focus while delivering against company strategy. OKRs behave like glue and can connect your team allowing you to focus on the activity that delivers the greatest impact. Before we dive into[…]

Keeping your team focused and motivated is a challenge all leaders face. At Perdoo, we often share team building quotes that provide interesting insights or fresh new views on the common challenges we face every day at work. We’ll usually share these through our team Slack channel. Sometimes they’re fun, others are thought-provoking. Now that[…]

Originally published on iamwire Behind every great success, there are goals. Unfortunately, setting goals isn’t something most people are naturally good at. Getting good at goal setting requires training. In the beginning, you’ll make mistakes that prevent you from tapping your full potential. But after eliminating these mistakes and re-thinking the way you set goals, you’ll[…]