Product Update

Introducing Statuses🚦, completed Initiatives ✅, and more

3rd April 2019

Product Update

We’re starting Q2 2019 with a few exciting updates to Perdoo that will help you update and review goals more effectively. This month we’ve released OKR Statuses, made it easier to identify completed Initiatives and (finally) gave you the ability to reorder your OKRs!

OKR Statuses: On track, Needs attention, Off track

OKRs bridge the gap between today’s reality and a desired future. Just setting OKRs is obviously not enough (which is why a robust Goals System is so important). You need to regularly review your OKRs to see if you’re on track or not. The sooner you’re able to identify when a Key Result needs attention, the better you’re able to bring it back on track and make sure that you’ll achieve all your OKRs this quarter. This is why we’ve released OKR Statuses.

Group Status


With this latest innovation, you can also set Statuses for Initiatives.

Sidepanel Status


While updating progress on a Key Result or Initiative, it is important to always confirm its Status. (You can choose to not set a Status by selecting none from the dropdown.)

Status Modal

Completed Initiatives

It used to be hard to distinguish the completed Initiatives from the others. We’ve made this a lot easier now. When an Initiative is updated to 100% progress, you can now clearly see that it is completed and when it was completed. Remember that if you decide to stop working on a certain Initiative without it being completed, you can archive it.

This update not only makes it easier to see which Initiatives still require work, it also surfaces which Initiatives have been completed so that you can recognize others for their contributions!

Completed Inits Personal


Since you may have a lot of Initiatives, there is also a quick way to complete Initiatives: simply mark an Initiative complete from the dropdown menu.

Mark Complete

Reordering Objectives

We used to display Objectives in the order that the Objectives were created. We’ve learned that a lot of users like to (re)order the Objectives based on priorities (which may change throughout a quarter). It’s been requested a million times, so you’ll be happy to hear that we now finally allow you to do so!

Reorder Okrs

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