The importance of a robust Goals System

5th March 2019 · 1 min read

Robust Goals System

Most organizations today can’t do without goals. Goals bridge the gap between today’s reality and a desired future.

Setting goals (like KPIs, OKRs or Initiatives) is basically defining how everyone is going to spend their time. Doing it well takes time and it may require lengthy debates. However, once it’s done and everyone is on the same page, most conclude that it was well worth the effort. After all, it is accomplishing goals that will take the most time (so you better make sure you’re working on the right ones).

If you use goals to realize your organization’s ambitions, just setting goals is obviously not enough. You need to put a robust Goals System in place. Such a Goals System ensures that goals are regularly updated, regularly reviewed, and keeps everyone in the company informed about each other’s progress. This boosts transparency, accountability and engagement. Such a Goals Systems also ensures that everyone knows what to expect when, which is required if you want everyone to play an active role within your program.

To help other organizations, we’ve decided to make our own Goals System public.

You can download it in our Resources section.

Included are:

  • A copy of Perdoo’s Goals System
  • The original source files (free for you to use to design your own Goals System)
  • A copy of our internal Wiki that explains our Goals System to our employees
  • A copy of our internal Wiki that shows how we use Perdoo in our monthly all-hands


P.S. We highly recommend organizations to appoint an Ambassador, which will be the person operationally responsible for implementing and running your Goals System. To make it easy for Ambassadors to stay on top of their Goals System, we’ve recently added a special Ambassador Report to Perdoo.


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