Why We Get Out of Bed Every Morning

20th December 2015

Last Modified: 24th August 2018

Henrick Jonny Berlin

We’ve come a long way since our launch early 2015. With 2016 in front of us, it’s time to say thanks to our customers. Thanks to them and a highly motivated team, we’ve been able to show crazy growth rates and expand into more than 25 markets. The driving force behind our team is worth sharing.

We believe we can improve working life for every employee, in every team and in every organization. No matter what culture or background. With our OKR & Goal management solution we are on a mission to build the workplaces of tomorrow.

We are excited about helping organizations become more transparent. To allow teams and individuals understand and connect with the company’s ultimate goal and see progress towards it. To let them share what they’re working on and how they are progressing. To make contributions visible, and help people focus and align their efforts. To let people discover that their work matters.

We know that employees with the highest level of engagement perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave. We know that motivated employees are up to 43% more productive. And yes, these are great benefits for any organization. But we also care about people, and how they get the best out of themselves and reach their full potential.

What’s next

Although small, the Perdoo Blog is an exciting step forward. As our software is opening up through the release of integrations, so is our company. We’ve been working hard on high-quality content and will now start sharing the results. As we’d like to keep things simple, we’ll skip the fancy names and just call it the Perdoo Blog.

Learn with us

The Perdoo Blog will cover in-depth stories on OKR & Goal management, HR, and the future of work. We’ll also dive into some theory and the psychology behind topics like motivation and engagement. We’ll search out the most interesting insights, share best practices and publish case studies from our customers. We’ll talk about our research & publish our learnings on OKR and everything related. Follow us on Twitter and learn with us!

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