Perdoo vs. 15Five

Perdoo and 15Five are both Performance Management software. 15Five’s focus is primarily on People and HR management, and while Perdoo’s feature set matches the majority of 15Five’s People Management features, it goes beyond it. Perdoo consolidates the three key factors of a business’s success — strategy, goals (OKRs & KPIs), and people — in one place.

Every organization has a strategy — an Ultimate Goal that defines its success and a set of strategic choices that will help get there. In order to execute this strategy, you need goals like OKRs and KPIs — on the company and team levels. However, to actually move the needle, you need people to work on those goals. And creating a healthy company culture, and ensuring your people are doing and feeling well at work can be the make or break of an organization. That’s where Perdoo’s people management features come in.

People management

Perdoo and 15Five facilitate 1:1 meetings,  Performance Reviews, Engagement Surveys aka Pulse Surveys, and Employee Recognition — aka Kudos in Perdoo, and High Fives in 15Five. Both tools make the act of sharing feedback, praise, and providing support among peers easily accessible. 

With an emphasis on creating a feedback culture, both software provide several touchpoints that enable managers and their direct reports to discuss and share their progress, challenges, wins, and queries. This can be done asynchronously via Check-ins, or then directly via meetings like 1:1s and Performance Reviews. 

Perdoo is not only a People Management tool. While HR and employee engagement are essential to the success of your business, Perdoo ties in strategy and purpose at every juncture.

Strategic alignment and transparency

Perdoo’s focus on strategy justifies the additional cost when compared to 15Five.

Unlike any competing Performance Management tool, Perdoo’s software provides you with a complete snapshot of your business over time. With Map you can clearly communicate your organization’s direction and purpose — no more static documents that easily get lost or forgotten. 

Measure your strategy using KPIs. Build out KPI dashboards that help you stay on top of growth over time. Use OKRs to enable everyone to focus on the work that truly matters to the organization’s success. Get a glimpse of what has worked in the past, based on learnings, plan out the next steps, and align KPIs and OKRs across your teams to foster collaboration.

Goal management

15Five has the capacity to only set individual and shared OKRs. However, Perdoo’s superior functionality outclasses all other Performance Management tools by enabling you to track KPIs alongside your OKRs, align KPIs to strategy, create team and company-level OKRs, and use OKRs to improve KPIs. Goals in Perdoo can be for individual purposes, shared among different teams or departments, and can be made private.

Regular Check-ins ensure that all teams and individuals stay on top of their goals at all times ensuring the company is moving forward. Perdoo offers Reflections in weekly Check-ins to ensure you’re keeping track of your most important work. 15Five similarly has a feature called Priorities.

Easily generate custom dashboards to drill down on goals that move the needle and zoom in on any issues that need addressing. Performance reports and Weekly progress reports provide you with a snapshot of what is going well, and which areas could use attention. This data helps you learn, course correct, and adapt as needed. Engagement Reports shed light on the health of the company’s OKR program. This includes company-wide engagement — Pulse, Check-in, Goals-up-to-date, logins —  allowing managers to take any necessary action to ensure teams are moving in the right direction. 

To tie all of this together, both 15Five and Perdoo offer free online resources, as well as coaching services to ensure businesses succeed.