Content use policy

Updated: 18th June 2021


We’re on a mission to make OKR accessible and easy to understand for everyone. Therefore, we’re putting a lot of effort into creating valuable content for decision makers and employees in all kinds of organizations.

Of course, we’re happy about people spreading the word. However, we have to make sure that our content is not used for unintended purposes, and we’re properly credited whenever third parties use our content.

Materials published by Perdoo, including images, videos, and presentations, may only be used under certain conditions.

Types of material

We separate between two types of materials:

  1. Publicly available material (accessible via public websites that don’t require a login or email)
  2. Exclusive material (everything else, including email-gated material and documents shared via e-mail)

General conditions

When sharing or adapting any kind of material (publicly available material & exclusive material), the following conditions apply:

  • You must give appropriate credit (mention Perdoo and link to; if available, link to the original source) and indicate if changes were made.
  • You must copy, distribute, display, or perform only original copies of our work. If you want to modify our work, you must get our permission first.
  • Whenever you use our work in a context where you mention one of our competitors (software for managing OKRs, enterprise goals, workforce, or performance) or alternative ways of managing OKRs (spreadsheets, collaborative software), you must notify us in advance.
  • We reserve the right to object the use of our work at any time.

Conditions for sharing exclusive material

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, the following condition applies to exclusive material:

  • You must get our permission before you copy, distribute, display, or perform copies of our work. When asking for permission, please indicate when (one-time, recurring) and under which circumstances (occasion, format, audience) you want to use our work.

How we provide you with our material

  • We share no source files (PPT/KEY, PSD, EPS etc.). Instead, we will provide you with high-quality exported files (PDF, JPG/PNG, MP4 etc.)
  • If your medium/format requires any adjustments of the file (e.g. different aspect ratio), do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Contact person

Content distribution and repurposing are managed by our Communications team. You can contact them via