A lot of organizations have implemented OKRs in 2020. Many great things have been written about OKR, and it all sounds so simple. You’d be crazy not to adopt it in your organization, right?

The reality is that implementing OKR is hard. Yes, OKR is simple in theory. But rolling it out to dozens, if not hundreds, of employees is complex. Why do you think there are so many OKR consultants out there, these days?

Proper guidance can definitely make a difference. But proper guidance alone is not enough. Your organization also needs to be ready for OKR. Even with the best OKR consultant, starting an OKR implementation without “being ready” is doomed to fail. 

At Perdoo, we want all our customers to succeed. Heck, we want everyone to succeed with OKR. That’s why we—together with industry experts—have developed a test that enables anyone to evaluate whether or not their organization is ready to adopt OKR. 

Do you want to see if your organization is ready?

Go to OKRready.com and take the test!