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Our experience with Perdoo has been overwhelmingly positive. Beyond the software, the coaching has helped us tremendously as we shaped our impact objectives.


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Our expert coaches have a customer satisfaction score of 9.7/10. From 1:1 exec training, to reviewing a team’s OKRs, we tailor sessions to fit your needs.

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Nicole Capobianco, OKR Coach
Nick Brown Proposify 1

Very very impressed with Nicole's ability to quickly understand our company, how we work, and how our ideas can translate into OKRs.

Online coaching
OKR training

Get up-to-speed in minutes not months

New to OKR? Our online OKR training is there to onboard new employees or roll out OKRs to your team. It’s free with all coaching packages.

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Resources Hub

Learn from seasoned experts

Industry experts recommend Perdoo’s Resources Hub as their go-to source for leading insights on OKR and strategy delivery.

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Sample Goals

Be inspired by sample goals

Need a hand when creating your first goals? You’ll find relevant examples of OKRs and KPIs for your team or department.

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The growth handbook for CEOs

Learn everything you need to know to accelerate your growth and deliver the results that matter, starting today.

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