It all starts with the right goals.

Perdoo helps everyone identify the right goals to work on, and focuses execution on measurable outcomes.


58% of workers: a boss’s worst trait is not setting clear goals

Perdoo enables everyone to focus on results that are aligned with strategy.

* According to research by The People Management Survey, 2018.


Align resources with strategy

Perdoo is the easiest way to get everyone to work on goals that push the company in the right direction.

Kpi Okr

The first to combine KPIs and OKRs

With Perdoo you need one less tool. Our combination of KPIs and OKRs give you a full overview of all that matters.


Differentiate between outcomes and outputs

Objectives tell you where to go. Key Results are the outcomes, and Initiatives the outputs, that you need to get there.

Matthew Gonnering

We’re excited about the future at Widen and the potential of our people, sure, we’re a software company and we have a product, but our purpose is to unlock human potential. I really believe that Perdoo helps us do that.


New to goal-setting?

Some people may need help setting goals. Our Coaches can help anyone in your organization identify what matters most.

Our support & resources
Nicole Capobianco, OKR Coach

Progress calculated the right way

When OKRs measure outcomes, progress cannot propagate up. It simply doesn’t work like that.

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