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Perdoo makes achievements visible, so that you can see what needs attention—and when it’s time to celebrate.


90% of frontline employees have no link to the success or failure of strategy delivery.

Perdoo lets everyone see what’s going on and how it’s all progressing.

* According to research by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, published in Harvard Business Review’s 2005 October issue. 


Understand what’s going on, when it’s going on

Act when you still have time to influence the outcome. Create custom views to stay on top of the goals that matter.

Check Ins

Stay focused with weekly check-ins

Three minutes per week is all it takes to keep everyone focused on the most important goals and their progress.

Slack Integrations

Celebrate your achievements on Slack

Keep your co-workers in the loop and share your accomplishments via our Slack integration.

Carlos Mattos, GFT

Keeping your OKRs up to date isn't easy without using Perdoo.
I really love the Check-ins feature!


Enjoy a flying start

Benefit from the expertise of our coaches, and the best practices they’ve developed while working with hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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Rohan Stewart, OKR Coach
Ambassador Bot

Let your OKR program run automatically

Ambassador Bot runs your goals and OKR program for you, keeping everyone engaged and up-to-date.

eBook: How To Write Great OKRs

How to write great OKRs

Become an OKR master. This book contains everything you need to know when setting Objectives & KeyResults.

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