Flexible, transparent pricing that adapts to your needs

  • Lite


    Great for companies with lots of experience with OKR

    • Onboarding Program
    • Implementation Docs
    • Online OKR trainings
    • Slack integration
    • SSO via Google
    *+€6 per user per month *+$7.50 per user per month Get a Demo
  • Standard


    Great for companies that are just getting started with OKR

    • Everything in Lite
    • Data Import
    • Guided Onboarding
    • OKR Program Design
    • 1:1 Mentoring (4x)
    • OKR Tutoring (Execs)
    • OKR Tutoring (5Teams)
    • GSheets Integration
    • SSO via SAML
    *+€6 per user per month *+$7.50 per user per month Get a Demo
  • Premium


    Great for large companies and complex OKR programs

    • Everything in Lite
    • Everything in Standard
    • Account Health Check
    • 1:1 Mentoring (12x)
    • OKR Tutoring (10Teams)
    • OKR Program Review
    • API Access
    *+€6 per user per month *+$7.50 per user per month Get a Demo
Subject to a minimum of 25 users and a minimum contract value of €3800 Subject to a minimum of 25 users and a minimum contract value of $4750
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  • Lite


    Great for companies with lots of experience with OKR

  • Standard


    Great for companies that are just getting started with OKR

  • Premium


    Great for large companies and complex OKR programs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a minimum price?

    Our minimum price is €3800 or $4750, which is equivalent to 25 users on our Lite coaching plan.

  • How often will I be billed?

    All our plans are billed annually. We’ll send you an invoice and activate your account when you’re ready to get started.

  • Do you provide customer support?

    We provide all customers with access to support via in-app chat. Our support team are available during business hours, 9 am to 6 pm CEST, Monday to Friday.

  • Why do I need a coaching plan?

    Implementing OKR at most companies requires planning and training to be successful. Our coaching plans are designed to significantly increase your chances of success. We’ve learned that without coaching 80% of companies report failure to implement OKR successfully within their first 12 months. Since we started providing coaching, 80% of companies we’ve worked with succeeded in implementing OKR within their first year.

  • How do I choose the right plan?

    Our coaching plans are tailored to help you get the most from OKR.

    For companies with an established OKR program older than 2 years, we recommend the Lite coaching package. Lite provides very minimal training and support for your OKR program and works best when you have an experienced OKR Ambassador at your organization.

    For customers new to OKR, we recommend the Standard coaching plan. This provides all the support an organization needs to become successful with OKR in 12 months. We provide training via our online Academy and regular reviews to help you keep your new OKR program on track.
    For large customers, or for companies requiring an extra level of support we offer the Premium plan. Our premium plan is designed for very large organizations or customers looking for a dedicated resource to manage their OKR program for them. We provide intensive training and support for small groups via live web sessions, program design and implementation along with regular monthly check-ins and reviews.

  • What makes coaching different from customer support?

    Customer support via our in-app chat is available to all Perdoo users for questions or help using our software. Coaching is a continuous program of training, development, and review that helps your entire organization adopt and achieve success with OKR.

  • How long does it take to get setup?

    All our customers go through a program of on-boarding, tailored to your existing structure and processes. We work together with you to set up your organization structure and OKRs in Perdoo. And ensure everyone who has access, is ready to go when you start working with us. Depending on the size of your organization and the structure of your OKR implementation plan, onboarding takes between 1 and 3 months.

  • What languages do you support?

    Perdoo is currently available in English, German, Dutch and Spanish

  • How secure is my data?

    All customer data is encrypted and stored in AWS EC2 instances. All EU and non-US customer data is stored in the EU. All US customer data is stored in the US. For full details of how customer data is processed and store, please see our security policy and privacy policy.

  • Can I start smaller and upgrade later?

    As long as our minimum price is met you can start small and upgrade as you grow. Extra users can be added through your admin settings in Perdoo and will be billed pro-rata until the end of your subscription.

  • “With Perdoo, I’m confident everyone at Viventura knows who is doing what, which helps our company stay engaged and aligned across all levels of the organization.”

    Andre Kiwitz
    Andre Kiwitz, Viventura
  • “For over 12 months now, we have been fortunate to form a strong partnership with Perdoo. This has opened up many opportunities to use OKR in our business.”

    Dean Pearson
    Dean Pearson, Pangaea
  • “We’re very impressed with the software and the service. I’m confident that our journey with Perdoo will be an important part of growing our business.”

    Bradley Taylor, Bridge
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Why Choose Perdoo?

The leading solution that empowers your ambitions

  • Using Perdoo

    Structure & Clarity

    On top of increasing alignment and transparency, Perdoo offers a simple, proven way to boost performance and agility. No more surprises, no more confusion, no more running in circles.

  • Love Okr

    More than software

    A dedicated Coach will work with you to ensure a successful OKR implementation, to help your team write great OKRs, and to help you build the habits & rituals for long term adoption.

  • Delivered

    Strategy delivered

    Turn great strategy into results. Successfully bridge the gap between strategy & execution through clear, measurable OKRs. Perdoo helps you thrive in today's dynamic environment.

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6 5.40 4.86