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Gunnar Kämpgen

Head of Ad Operations

"Using OKR and Perdoo has helped us foster transparency and communication across all departments and teams.”

Bastian Knutzen


“As a fast growing company, alignment across all departments is crucial to us. Perdoo gives us a tool that is easy and fun and perfectly serves this need.”

André Kiwitz


“With Perdoo, everyone knows who is doing what, which helps our company to stay engaged and aligned across all levels.”

Collaborate on a new level




Perdoo enables organizations worldwide to collaborate on the key ingredient for every journey: goals. Transparency on goals and their visualized alignment helps you crowdsource the knowledge of your people, communicate the bigger picture and reach new levels of engagement. For a forward-thinking and motivated workplace that is determined to make big things happen.

Why Perdoo?


A simple & intuitive interface lets everyone enjoy Perdoo and ensures fast adoption.


Different organizations have different approaches to OKR. Tailor Perdoo to your specific needs.


Our integrations with other solutions allow you to update Perdoo automatically.


Our Success Managers work together with you to implement Perdoo and OKR organization-wide.

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