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OKR software that helps you measure, communicate and achieve remarkable results.

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Establish a brand that people know and love 1 Sub-Objective Marketing Reduce production costs by reducing custom components Engineering 0 Sub-Objectives Develop a solar panel that pays for itself within 2 years Customer 2 Sub-Objectives Make solar energy available to every home in Europe Company 2 Sub-Objectives Minimize maintenance costs through pro-active servicing Service 0 Sub-Objectives Boost brand awareness in Germany & France Communications 0 Sub-Objectives
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Why Choose Perdoo?

A simple, proven way to boost performance and agility

  • Structure


    No more surprises. A powerful goal-setting framework, based on OKR, enables leaders and teams to focus on work that delivers the biggest impact.

  • Clarity


    No more confusion. A complete roadmap to success gives everyone a 360º overview of organizational priorities and progress.

  • Speed


    No more running in circles. Learning from past performance ensures your entire company always moves forward with confidence.

Strategy delivered

Turn great strategy into results

Successfully bridge the gap between strategy & execution through clear, measurable OKRs. Perdoo helps you thrive in today's dynamic environment.

  • Are your teams aligned?

    Learn how you can achieve strategic alignment across your organization.

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  • Are you focused on what matters?

    Learn how to cut through chaos and focus on measurable results.

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  • Are you measuring outcomes?

    Learn the difference between measuring what you do vs what you achieve.

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  • Is your company ready for OKR?

    Learn how to prepare your organization for Perdoo and OKR.

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  • “With Perdoo, I’m confident everyone at Viventura knows who is doing what, which helps our company stay engaged and aligned across all levels of the organization.”

    Andre Kiwitz
    Andre Kiwitz, Viventura
  • “For over 12 months now, we have been fortunate to form a strong partnership with Perdoo. This has opened up many opportunities to use OKR in our business.”

    Dean Pearson
    Dean Pearson, Pangaea
  • “We’re very impressed with the software and the service. I’m confident that our journey with Perdoo will be an important part of growing our business.”

    Bradley Taylor, Bridge
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More Than Software

Coaching that unlocks your full potential

All Perdoo customers benefit from coaching, designed to help you get the most from your investment in OKR.

  • Onboarding

    Guided Onboarding

    Your dedicated Coach will work along your side to ensure a successful implementation of OKR. We'll train your entire organization so everyone knows what to expect.

  • Okr Reviews

    OKR Reviews

    Creating good OKRs isn't always easy. Your Coach will continuously review all your Company and Team OKRs to ensure they drive the results that you desire.

  • Timelines

    Habits & Rituals

    Long term adoption and success is driven by the habits and rituals that you build around your OKR program. We'll help you tailor these to the culture of your company.