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Simple, smart & scalable OKR management for business
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Companies that reach their goals with Perdoo
OKR management that's simple yet powerful
Perdoo connects strategy with execution and helps you focus on achieving results


Turn business strategy into measurable goals and focus employees, teams and the entire organization on the work that delivers the greatest business impact.


See how everyone in your organization is contributing to company success and ensure everyone is working together towards the same Ultimate Objective.


Build a culture of transparency and shared success and by allowing everyone to see each others contributions towards your organizational goals.

Your organizational goals in focus
Simple enough for anyone to use yet powerful enough for the most sophisticated OKR implementations.

Perdoo makes it easy to implement OKR in small teams or across entire organizations and can be tailored to fit your existing way of working.

Strategy, execution, people, and initiatives aligned on one platform
  • See your entire organizational structure, its OKRs and how they align in one powerful 'Maps' overview.
  • Get a snapshot of the health of your OKR program and quickly identify Objectives at risk, or areas that need attention.
  • Connect Perdoo to the tools you use every day and update progress on Key Results automatically.
  • Let our OKR Coaches guide you through the setup and rollout of Perdoo and your OKR program, with program design, change management and training for your entire organization.
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Perdoo is designed to make it easy to get your OKR program up and running fast. Get an overview of the most important features in this short video.

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