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Simple, smart & scalable goal management
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Companies that reach their goals with Perdoo
Goal management that's simple yet powerful


Improve decision-making across all levels of your organization.



Align all your efforts and see everyone move towards a common goal.



Make progress measurable and transparent for every team member.



Build a culture of success and achieve more than ever before.

Your organizational goals in focus
Simple enough for anyone to use yet powerful enough for the most sophisticated OKR implementations.

Our simple, smart, and scalable software is built on OKR; a framework used by top-achieving companies to attain exceptional success.

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Strategy, execution, people, and actions aligned on one platform
  • A simple & intuitive interface lets everyone get up to speed with your OKR program, fast.
  • No two organizations are exactly the same. Perdoo is easy to adjust to the way you work.
  • Integrate with popular software tools and update Perdoo automatically.
  • Dedicated Success Managers work together with you to implement Perdoo and OKR across your organization.
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