Superior goal management

By combining OKRs and KPIs, and offering you superior functionality for both, you'll unlock the full potential of company-wide goal tracking.

Perdoo Superior Goal Management

As organizations grow, company-wide goal management becomes increasingly complex.

As you'll grow, you'll need more sophisticated goal tracking.

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All types of goals

OKRs, Initiatives, and KPIs

Tired of tracking goals, projects, and tasks across dozens or hundreds of tools? Perdoo brings it altogether, and offers (native) integrations where they make sense.

Nathaniel Andersen Sps Commerce

Perdoo is an excellent OKR platform — their linkage with KPIs means that both strategic and operational planning can take place on a common platform. Generally, it has improved our managed coordination and quality.

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Advanced features

Strategy Map, Timeline, KPI boards

Powerful visualizations such as maps and timelines, custom reports, and even the possibility to set up your funnel on Perdoo using KPI boards. You won't find a more powerful goal management system than Perdoo.

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Turn on/off the features you need

Start simple and turn off advanced features that you don't need when new to OKR. As you gain experience, turn them on again for more powerful results.

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Tailor features to your approach

Customize cadences. Create custom tags to make custom reports even more insightful. Personalize the check-in process, and adjust our default templates to your needs. Whatever approach works best for you, Perdoo can support it.

Seth Hoffman, Agoda

Perdoo is a great system for tracking OKRs over a quarter, and showcasing your results. I like the design of the software, as well as the ease of checking-in weekly.

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Jira, Asana, and 200+ data integrations

Integrate Initiatives with Jira or Asana. Integrate KPIs and Key Results with 200+ business apps such as Salesforce and Hubspot. Share progress directly in Teams or Slack. Missing an integration? We build new ones on request.

Why others have chosen Perdoo:

Everything in one place

By consolidating Strategy, Goals, and People, we make Check-ins, 1:1s, and Performance reviews far more impactful than in any other product.

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Superior goal management

By combining OKRs and KPIs, and offering you superior functionality for both, we let you tap into the full potential of company-wide goal tracking.

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Industry-leading services

Our top-tier consulting services and industry-leading resources enable you to capture the full value of strategy, goals, and people management.

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