Engage employees to give their best

Leverage 1:1s and feedback to turn your team into high performers.
Praise employees for great execution. Be an amazing place to work.

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability

Teams who score in the top 20% in engagement realize a 41% reduction
in absenteeism, and 59% less turnover.
* According to research by Insight Squared, 2021.
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Boost goal attainment via our powerful combination of Check-ins, 1:1s, and Performance Reviews.

Performance Reviews

Perform reviews that are truly 360°

Evaluate OKR progress, KPI health, contributions
to strategy, engagement, and much more during performance reviews.

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Cultivate productive meetings

Standardize key HR processes and empower all managers to have regular 1:1s with their team. Boost goal attainment and strategic alignment while increasing employee engagement.

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Make peer recognition a habit

Publicly give Kudos to co-workers to celebrate a job well done, acknowledge outstanding performance, or simply say “Thank you”. See how it improves employee retention and productivity.

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Our users love Perdoo

We love our users because they love us
Carlos Mattos
Keeping your OKRs up to date isn't easy without using Perdoo. I really love the Check-ins feature!
Carlos Mattos, Chief Technologist, GFT Technologies
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Seth Hoffman
Perdoo is a great system for tracking OKRs over a quarter, and showcasing your results. I like the design of the software, as well as the ease of checking-in weekly.
Seth Hoffman, Head of FX/Treasury, Agoda
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Nathan Friedman
Our experience with Perdoo has been overwhelmingly positive. Beyond the software, the coaching has helped us tremendously as we shaped our impact objectives.
Nathan Friedman, Co-President and CMO, Understood
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Maria Lujan Santos
Perdoo helps align all the teams in the pursuit of our goals and it’s a great communication tool for remote teams. The new Kudos tool is also one of my favorites!
Maria Lujan Santos, COO, Albor
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Chuck Cohen
It’s the best way to monitor an implement OKRs! Perdoo has really helped us drive the OKR process throughout our entire organization.
Chuck Cohen, Managing Director, Benco Dental
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Nick Brown
Very very impressed with Nicole's ability to quickly understand our company, how we work, and how our ideas can translate into OKRs.
Nick Brown, Customer Success Manager, Proposify
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Richard Clark
Perdoo is simple and focused on bringing strategy to life by breaking it down with OKRs, and still has KPIs for BAU.
Richard Clark, Managing Director, Medenterprises
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Pulse surveys

Monitor employee engagement

Pulse surveys are a simple yet effective tool to keep a finger on employee engagement. Surface pulse in 1:1s or Performance reviews to promote meaningful conversations.

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The growth handbook for CEOs

Learn everything you need to know to accelerate your growth and deliver the results that matter, starting today.
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