Align everyone with the strategy

See, and understand, how it all comes together.

95% of your employees don’t know
or understand your strategy.

Perdoo helps you communicate strategy effectively so employees
understand how they can add value.
* According to research by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, published
in Harvard Business Review’s 2005 October issue.
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Strategy stuck in a slide deck? KPIs and OKRs tracked across dozens of tools?
It's time to see how they can all work together to drive 10x growth.

KPI Boards

Plan, track, deliver your KPIs

KPIs. Perdoo’s unique KPI boards ensure the
goals everyone works on truly propel your growth.

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Strategic Pillars

Communicate strategy with clarity

Strategy is a set of choices that explain how you’re different. Share those choices with Strategic Pillars.

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Strategy Map

Say goodbye to static docs

Make strategy as simple as drag-and-drop. Spot what worked in the past. Adjust. Design your future.

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Our users love Perdoo

We love our users because they love us
Chuck Cohen
It’s the best way to monitor an implement OKRs! Perdoo has really helped us drive the OKR process throughout our entire organization.
Chuck Cohen, Managing Director, Benco Dental
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Nathan Friedman
Our experience with Perdoo has been overwhelmingly positive. Beyond the software, the coaching has helped us tremendously as we shaped our impact objectives.
Nathan Friedman, Co-President and CMO, Understood
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Nick Brown
Very very impressed with Nicole's ability to quickly understand our company, how we work, and how our ideas can translate into OKRs.
Nick Brown, Customer Success Manager, Proposify
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Seth Hoffman
Perdoo is a great system for tracking OKRs over a quarter, and showcasing your results. I like the design of the software, as well as the ease of checking-in weekly.
Seth Hoffman, Head of FX/Treasury, Agoda
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Carlos Mattos
Keeping your OKRs up to date isn't easy without using Perdoo. I really love the Check-ins feature!
Carlos Mattos, Chief Technologist, GFT Technologies
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Maria Lujan Santos
Perdoo helps align all the teams in the pursuit of our goals and it’s a great communication tool for remote teams. The new Kudos tool is also one of my favorites!
Maria Lujan Santos, COO, Albor
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Richard Clark
Perdoo is simple and focused on bringing strategy to life by breaking it down with OKRs, and still has KPIs for BAU.
Richard Clark, Managing Director, Medenterprises
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Slack and Teams

Put results center-stage

Using Slack or Microsoft Teams? Integrations help you stay on top of goals in the place where your communication already happens.

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Integrate for always up-to-date goals

Update goals with data from 200+ business apps to avoid duplicate work and get reliable reports.
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How to write great OKRs

Become an OKR master. This book contains everything you need to know when setting Objectives & Key Results.
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