Why you shouldn’t outsource OKR to HR

27th September 2019 · 2 min read

Why You Shouldn't Outsource Okr To Hr

Every organization wants to grow. Growth is not something that magically happens. It’s the result of carefully designed strategies that are being successfully implemented.

In each and every organization, the CEO is responsible for designing the strategy—but also accountable for the successful implementation of it. After all, a well-designed strategy has little value if it isn’t delivered on time.

The reality is that 9 out of 10 organizations fail to fully implement their strategies. In 70% of these failed cases, the problem isn’t bad strategy, it’s bad execution. As it turns out, implementing strategy (and realizing growth) is complex. If the CEO fails to deliver the strategy, the owners of the business will eventually start looking for someone who can.

OKR is the perfect tool to translate your organization’s long term strategy into short-term goals for teams and individuals. OKR, therefore, is not a fancy HR gadget—it’s a critical tool for CEOs and executives to help them deliver their strategies and accelerate growth. 

To make this happen, the CEO will have to make sure that his or her strategy is being translated into the right KPIs and OKRs for teams and individuals. And he or she would want to make sure that—for the most part—the goals are achieved. The only way to ensure this is for CEOs to be heavily and actively involved in the OKR program.

Remember: the father of OKR is Andrew Grove, who created the OKR framework while he was president of Intel.


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