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Tried and tested Company and Team OKR examples to provide you with inspiration as you set yours.

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How this guide helps

Writing good OKRs can be the simple make or break of a successful OKR program.  

While we’ve written a lot about how to write great OKRs to help you get started with the OKR setting process, having tried and tested OKR examples as inspiration and guidance makes a world of difference. 

This OKR examples guide is your one-stop shop to make sure your company and team OKRs are on the right path and are  set up for success.

Objectives & Key Results

OKR components

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a goal management framework that helps organizations bridge the strategy-execution gap by bringing your people and they work they do together towards achieving a common Objective.

An OKR consists of the following components:

Components Of An Okr

Successfully setting OKRs that help you deliver results that matter requires a fundamental shift in how you think about and measure the work you do — the key is to move from an output focus to an outcome focus. 

Begin with the end in mind to establish the outcome you want to achieve before you define the outputs you’ll need to get you there. That means starting with the Objective, then Key Results, and then Initiatives.

To learn everything you need to know about getting started with Objectives and Key Results, head over to The ultimate guide to OKR.


Company OKRs

What is a Company OKR?

Company OKRs set the direction for the entire organization and are typically set annually. Company OKRs should reflect the 3 or 4 things your organization decides it must achieve in the next 12 months.

Example Company OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Create a more goal-oriented company culture

    Key Result: X% of KRs are up to date every 2 weeks

    Key Result: Achieve X% of Objectives

  • 2.

    Objective: Solidify our finances to set the stage for taking our product to the next level

    Key Result: Increase gross profit from X to Y

    Key Result: Generate Revenue of €XMM

  • 3.

    Objective: Crush the competition through acquisitions

    Key Result: X acquisitions

Team OKRs

What is a Team OKR?

Team and individual OKRs express what tactics the teams and individuals will deploy, and what results they will need to achieve in order to help the organization realize its long-term Objectives. 

These OKRs are typically set quarterly, enabling organizations to change direction if the given tactics are not driving progress towards the Company OKRs for the year.

Now that we’ve covered what a Team OKR is, from here onwards you’ll find OKR examples for different departments — so, don’t stop just yet!

Example Marketing OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Improve customer experience on our website

    Key Result: Exit survey CSAT score > 85%

    Key Result: Average cart value increased by 15%

    Key Result: Monthly returning customers > 15%

  • 2.

    Objective: Expand our Instagram footprint with influencer partnerships

    Key Result: Achieve XMM followers

    Key Result: Generate X leads from influencer posts

  • 3.

    Objective: Strengthen our SEO ranking for affordable beauty

    Key Result: Improve domain ranking from X to Y


Download full eBook on example OKRs for Marketing teams

Download eBook

Example Sales OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Build a healthy and sustainable Sales pipeline

    Key Result: Achieve a monthly pipeline of $1M

    Key Result: Achieve 23% “Enterprise” deals

    Key Result: Increase total enriched leads to 75%

  • 2.

    Objective: Turn our partner network into a revenue stream

    Key Results: Generate $XK in partner revenue

    Key Result: Attain X new customers from partner referrals

  • 3.

    Objective: Accelerate Recurring Revenue

    Key Result: Deliver $1M in subscriptions by Q4

    Key Result: Increase customer MRR by 5%

Download full eBook on example OKRs for Sales teams

Download eBook

Example Customer Service OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Empower customers to help themselves by building the best help resources

    Key Result: Reduce the number of support tickets by X%

    Key Result: Increase support center traffic to X unique visitors

  • 2.

    Objective: Create a world class customer support experience

    Key Result: CSAT > 98%

    Key Result: First response time < 4 hours

    Key Result: Average time to resolve down by 15%

  • 3.

    Objective: Transition from a reactive to proactive customer strategy

    Key Result: Reduce customer at churn risk by X%

    Key Result: Reduce complaints by X%

Download full eBook on example OKRs for Customer Service teams

Download eBook

Example HR OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Introduce the right candidates to teams sooner

    Key Result: Reduce time from application to HR screen to X days

    Key Result: Reduce time from HR screen to 1st interview to X days


  • 2.

    Objective: Make work-life balance a priority for all employees

    Key Result: Improve work-life balance survey score to X

    Key Result: Reduce overtime by X hours

    Key Result: Increase weekly pulse survey score to X

  • 3.

    Objective: Foster a learning culture to support our employees’ professional development

    Key Result: Increase in skill certifications to X

    Key Result: Increase in performance review learning score to X

Example Product OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: One step effortlessly leads to the next in our product user journey

    Key Result: New features have X% utilization

    Key Result: X feature increases usage by Y%

  • 2.

    Objective: Reimagine the product development process to make it more predictable

    Key Result: Increase in on-time deployments by X

Example Engineering OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Our engineering team has never been so effective

    Key Result: X% reduction in cycle state by story status

    Key Result: X% improvement in Point Commitment Reliability

    Key Result: X% Defect Removal Efficiency

  • 2.

    Objective: Speed up deployment of important bug fixes

    Key Result: Reduce time to fix from X to Y

    Key Result: Reduction in client complaints by X%

Example Operations OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Bring production costs to an all time low

    Key Result: Reduce cost by $X

  • 2.

    Objective: Develop capacity management tool to drive scale

    Key Result: Increase production capacity by X%

Example Finance OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Our budgets are cost effective across all departments

    Key Result: Net profit increase of X%

    Key Result: X% reduction in operating costs

Example Accounting OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Our bookkeeping is efficient and reliable

    Key Result: Books are finalized in X days

    Key Result: Customers pay their invoices in X days

Example BI OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Streamline data access to empower leadership to make better decisions faster

    Key Result: Reduce time required to make decisions from X weeks to Y weeks

Example IT OKRs

  • 1.

    Objective: Secure our IT infrastructure

    Key Result: Reduce the number of vulnerabilities from X to Y

    Key Result: Pass security audit

  • 2.

    Objective: Build fast while maintaining high quality and low costs

    Key Result: Average test coverage across all projects are X%

    Key Result: Reduce infrastructure costs by X%

    Key Result: Technical debt across all projects is less than X hours

Zahra Currimbhoy

Zahra Currimbhoy is the current Content Marketing Manager at Perdoo GmbH, a position they have held since April 2021. Prior to this, Zahra served as the Jr. Marketing Manager at Perdoo from April 2019 to April 2021. Zahra's previous experience includes working as a student in marketing at PayU from May 2018 to March 2019, where they were responsible for brand awareness, content marketing, marketing operations, and database management. Zahra has also gained extensive experience in CMS management (Drupal), event planning, and database management.

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