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January 29, 2020

Perdoo launches a FREE version of its software

Zahra Currimbhoy
Zahra Currimbhoy
Marketing, Perdoo
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Perdoo launches a FREE version of its software

Every business is looking for an effective way to successfully deliver their strategy. OKR is a great tool for that. You can now get started in record time with Perdoo’s free OKR software.

Believe it or not, up to 90% of companies worldwide fail to successfully turn their strategies into results. Furthermore, they don’t communicate their strategy properly across the organization, resulting in 71% of employees being misaligned with their company’s strategic direction. This leads to decreased effectiveness, poor employee engagement and eventually less revenue for organizations.

Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from it—delivering your strategy is complex. With our OKR software, Perdoo helps companies worldwide to master this challenge—for free.

Our CEO, Henrik-Jan van der Pol, explains:

"We believe in truly democratizing OKR and want to eliminate the hassle of tracking OKRs in spreadsheets. Our content is already free, and has helped over a million people become successful with OKR. Now we’ve decided to go even further and make our OKR software free as well. As the world’s first free OKR software, we’ll enable any organization to successfully implement OKR—the secret sauce behind the success of companies such as Google, Intel and LinkedIn."

What’s included in our free OKR software?

  • Create, update, comment on, and align OKRs and KPIs
  • Visually connect OKRs to company strategy with Roadmap
  • Manage and track KPIs with visual charts
  • Create custom reports with Explore
  • Keep on top of team and company performance with weekly progress updates
  • Manage goals in the place your team communication happens with Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Create unlimited teams or sub-teams
  • Update all your goals at once with customizable Check-ins
  • Unlimited access to free resources to become successful with OKR for free ebooks and an extensive resource hub

Ready to get started with a free OKR software? Create your own Perdoo account here.


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