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Our coaching services

Capture the full value of strategy, goals, and performance management!



If you need a bit of support or are a small company.

9 Hours
€ 215 Per hour
€ 1935 Total


If you're new to OKR and/or are a medium-sized company.

24 Hours
€ 180 Per hour
€ 4320 Total


For large companies and complex OKR programs.

48 Hours
€ 150 Per hour
€ 7200 Total

* Our Coaching services can only be purchased together with a software subscription.

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Dedicated Coach Dedicated coach
One On One Mentoring One-on-one mentoring
Implementation Resources & Onboarding Program Implementation resources & onboarding program
Set Up Strategic Pillars Set up Strategic Pillars
Design Your Goals Program Designing your Goals Program
Translate Strategy Into Kpis & Okrs Translate strategy into KPIs & OKRs
Okr & Kpi Tutoring OKR & KPI tutoring
Online Okr Training Online OKR training
Health Check Health check
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Chuck Cohen, Benco Dental

It's the best way to monitor and implement OKRs! Perdoo has really helped us drive the OKR process throughout our entire organization.

Frequently asked questions

  • How often will I be billed?


    Paid plans are billed annually or quarterly. Your paid subscription will automatically renew after the end of your initial service term (12 months or 3 months). Let us know 30+ days before your renewal if you would prefer for your subscription not to renew.

  • Do I need to purchase a minimum number of users?


    There is a minimum of 10 users for the Professional plan, and 25 users for the Premium and Supreme plans.

  • How can I purchase Perdoo?


    You can upgrade your account from inside the Perdoo app if you’d like to purchase the Pro, Premium, or Supreme plans. You’ll just need a credit card.

    If you’re on an existing paid plan and would like to upgrade to Supreme, send us a quick message and we’ll share an Order Form with you.

  • Do I need a Coaching package?


    Coaching is optional. However, implementing OKR at most companies requires planning and training to be successful. Our Coaching packages will significantly increase your chances of success. 82% of our Coaching customers report that they’ve succeeded in implementing OKR within their first year. Our coaches have a customer satisfaction score of 9.7/10.

  • Which Coaching package is best for me?


    That depends on the number of hours that you need. If you already know that you could benefit a lot from our expertise and experience, you’ll be better off purchasing our Large package from the start, as your price per hour will be significantly lower. We can help you choose the right package, simply contact us at

  • What makes the Coaching services different from Customer Support?


    Included in the price of our software licenses is product support (eg, technical assistance). The Supreme includes a dedicated Custom Success manager who can provide specific product support to your organization. But most of the questions we receive relate to the OKR framework or strategy execution. Answering such questions is not included in the price of our software licenses, for two important reasons: (i) not every organization needs our help with these questions—for example if they already work with an OKR consultant, and (ii) most of these questions are raised during the first year—so it wouldn’t be fair that you continue to pay for such services through the software licenses. In other words: we help you save costs in the long term by excluding these services from the price of our User Licenses.

  • Do the Coaching services automatically renew?


    No, the Coaching services will not automatically renew.

  • What is the availability of the Perdoo Coaches?


    The entire Perdoo team is located in Berlin, Germany. The Coaching Team does work different shifts to make sure we can serve customers across different time zones. The availability of our Coaches is as follows:
    • EMEA:
    11:00am to 8:00pm CET
    • Americas:
    08:00am to 3:00pm EST 08:00am to 12:00pm PT

  • Do you provide customer support?


    We provide all customers with access to (product) support via our in-app chat. Once you've logged in, simply click on the chat icon in the bottom-right corner to connect with our Support team. You can email us too via

  • Do you offer discounts to NGOs/NPOs?


    Yes, NGOs/NPOs are eligible for a 25% discount on user licenses. Just let our Sales team know!

  • What languages do you support?


    The Perdoo app is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. Our Coaching services can be provided in English and Dutch.

  • Is my data secure and where is it hosted?


    Yes. All customer data is encrypted and stored in AWS data centers in Ireland, so it never leaves Europe. For full details of how your data is processed and stored, please read our Data Security Policy.

  • Are you GDPR compliant?


    Yes, we are. Perdoo is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, so we fall under the European GDPR regulation. Therefore, we sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with all our customers (see a sample). For more information, send us a message at

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