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Our goal setting methodology is based on OKR, a framework used by some of the worlds most successful companies. We’ve refined and added to the OKR framework based on what we’ve discovered makes companies successful.

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Our software is simple enough for anyone to use yet powerful enough to run complex OKR programs across large companies. Our software mirrors our methodology and makes it simple to implement OKR in any organization.

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OKR takes time and effort to truly master. Our OKR coaches work with all our customers to ensure that the time and effort they invest translates into measurable business results.

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Set, update and review OKRs

Perdoo makes it simple to set company level and group level OKRs.  An OKR wizard walks you through the OKR creation process and includes a built-in quality checker to ensure you avoid mistakes.

Roles and rights ensure that, while everyone has visibility, only the teams or groups who own OKRs can edit and update them, while notifications ensure that when Key Results start to move, you’ll be the first to know.

Putting the big picture in focus

Perdoo makes it easy for everyone from the Intern to the CEO to see how the entire organization is working towards its goals. Powerful visual modules like Maps, allow you to see how all your OKRs are connected and contributing to your Ultimate Goal.

Maps makes it easy for teams or departments to align their goals ensuring everyone in your company is pulling in the same direction.

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A snapshot of OKR health

The Insights module provides a complete snapshot of your company OKR program showing you important metrics and helping you make better decisions on where to focus your time and effort.

Insights is your organizational health check and shows where you’re achieving success and where you need to focus.

Track what influences results

A common mistake many people make is to confuse Key Results with tasks. Initiatives solves that problem by providing a layer of activity tracking in each OKR so you can measure work being done to influence your Key Results.

Initiatives make it easy connect what you “do” with the outcome you want to measure. If you progress through Initiatives and your Key Results don’t move, you can quickly adjust course.

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Communicate & celebrate

Perdoo makes it easy for everyone across your organization to share progress and celebrate success.

Connect with co-workers or work together with anyone across your organization and post updates automatically to your team through our integration with Slack.

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See Perdoo in action

Perdoo is designed to make it easy to get your OKR program up and running fast. Get an overview of the most important features in this short video.

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Set the direction for your team and company with inspirational goals.

Key Results

Define your metrics and track your progress with Key Results.


Keep track of the projects and initiatives you’ll run to influence your Key Results.


Visualize the alignment between Objectives across all levels of your organization.


See organizational progress and quickly identify areas that need attention.


Set start and end dates, both for your overall timeframe and single OKRs.

Profile pages

See how each team member is currently progressing in order to foster transparency.


Reflect you organizational structure with groups for teams, departments, and units.


Bookmark groups, profiles, and Objectives for quick access right from the sidebar.

Tool tips

Key features and functionality explained with handy roll-over tool tips and links to our knowledge base.


Let others know how you achieved a certain result and celebrate with your teammates.

Slack integration

Automatically post new OKRs and progress updates in a Slack channel.

Custom metrics

Flexible metrics to allow you to monitor numbers, percentages and currencies for your Key Results.

Roles & Right

Organize people, assign roles and responsibilities and control who can edit and update Objectives and Key Results


Align Objectives to higher-level Objectives, and Key Results and Initiatives to Objectives.

Success & training

Our team of OKR experts are on hand to provide training and support that ensure your success.

Support center

Get your questions answered fast with FAQs, how-tos, and live chat.

In-app live chat

Connect directly to a support agent without even leaving the app.


Perdoo is currently available in English, German, Spanish, and Dutch.


Send suggestions for features you’d like to see to product@perdoo.com!