We recently invited some of Europe’s top OKR coaches and consultants to join us for one day to discuss the OKR methodology, best practices, and how the framework delivers value to a diverse range of organizations.

The aim of the day was to share knowledge and reach a consensus on the core principles of OKR and how they can be best put to use. Watch the highlights video below and read on to learn more about topics discussed and what was achieved during the event.

OKR consultants share their unique insights

Following a welcome note by Perdoo CEO Henrik-Jan van der Pol, Progress Coach Nicholas Stanforth presented his experiences of helping companies implement OKR. His goal is to help people love their jobs, and he uses OKR as a tool to achieve it. For Nicholas, OKR is what makes work meaningful and rewarding by giving everyone an understanding of their contribution to company success.

An academic approach came from Philipp Engelhardt who is the former CFO of Groupon, now a management consultant, and currently researching hyper-growth startups at University of St. Gallen, in Switzerland. During his talk, he presented OKR as the centerpiece of the Growth Management Canvas, a template he developed to help early-stage companies manage rapid growth.

After breaking for lunch, Roger Longden, Managing Director of There Be Giants and guest lecturer at MMU Business School, talked about how he uses OKR to help teams focus on making an impact and translate business priorities into daily performance.

Oana Calugar from Performance+ gave the final presentation on the role of OKR in digital transformation projects. Oana presented her experience of OKR as not just a component of digital transformation projects, but as key to driving innovation and making digital transformation measurable.

Defining core principles of OKR

If you’re familiar with the current OKR landscape, you’ll be aware of conflicting opinions on the rules to follow to be successful with OKR. These conflicting opinions are often confusing for those new to OKR, and we all agreed that this is a problem that should be addressed.

Partners Day Discussion

Fueled by shared learnings and expertise, the Perdoo Partners Day represented a big step forward in bringing clarity to the principles of OKR. During multiple group discussions, the experience of our Partners was combined to form a set of core principles which we will soon share on our blog.

The future of our software is a joint effort

Discussing the future of OKR software during the Perdoo Partners Day was an opportunity for us to learn from our Partners which features would be most valuable for their clients.

Partners Day Software

The practical feedback we received during the event will help us improve the Perdoo software for our customers, and it ensures that consultants have a solution at their disposal that best supports their OKR projects and will ultimately make their clients more successful.

If you’re a management consultant working with OKR, learn more Perdoo Partner Network and apply here.