The most advanced approach to goal setting
What is OKR?
OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. OKR is a goal management methodology employed by some of the world's best known companies

“Where do I need to go?”

The Objective defines where you need to go. It should set a clear direction. Like a destination does, such as New York.

“How do I know I’m getting there?”

Key Results will tell you if you’re getting closer to your Objective. See them as a GPS device translating your destination into specific coordinates.

“What do I need to do?”

Initiatives are the steps you need to take to reach your Objective. They are like the list of direction in your GPS that guide you to your destination.

OKRs are suitable for all companies

Startup &

  • innovative business model
  • fast-paced work environment
  • focus on growth
  • Startups and scale-ups use OKR as a framework for growth.
  • OKR ensures that everyone in your company is working towards the same direction.
  • Aligning efforts and making everyone pursue a common vision is what helped hyper-growth companies like Google to make great things happen.
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Corporates & Enterprises

  • established market position
  • complex structures
  • focus on innovation
  • Established companies use OKR as a framework for innovation.
  • OKR leads to exceptional results by engaging each and every employee in your company.
  • Based on more than 70 years of experience in goal management, OKR is easy to implement and gets even more powerful when used by large organizations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need OKR?

OKR tackles widespread problems: disengaged employees and a lack of focus within organizations. By aligning goals and making them transparent, everyone knows the company’s priorities and how they contribute to the overall vision.

Do we need OKR software?

Spreadsheets are a common way to get started with OKR in small teams. However, only user-friendly software will help you tap into the full potential of OKR. Dedicated tools can offer useful features that make goal setting fun and easy to manage.

Is the price worth the benefit?

A dedicated OKR tool drastically reduces your management effort. You don’t need to hire a project manager for implementing and maintaining the OKR setting process. Perdoo makes OKR simple and intuitive for both managers and employees.

Is Perdoo the right tool?

Perdoo is built to empower companies of all types and sizes. Some of our most loved features include: the insightful dashboard, the neat OKR map, and the powerful explore module. Perdoo also seamlessly integrates with collaboration and tracking tools.

Want to know more about OKR?

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