Roadmap to success

Get everyone on the same page by creating clarity and transparency around your strategy.


95% of your employees do not know or understand your strategy.

Perdoo helps you build a clear roadmap to success, and enables you to share it in real-time with your team.

* According to research by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, published in Harvard Business Review’s 2005 October issue. 


Design and communicate your future

Perdoo’s Roadmap makes designing strategy as simple as drag and drop. Communicating your long-term plans has never been easier.


Don’t worry, you’re in good hands

Struggling to map out a clear strategy? We have the best resources and support. The Perdoo Coaches help you put a comprehensible mission, vision, and strategy in place.

Our support & resources
Daniela Peralta
Daniela Peralta, OKR Coach
Dan Pearson

With Perdoo, I can be confident that our new brands will go live fast, each with a clear strategy and an engaged team that is aligned behind the goals for the business.


Develop a heartbeat for your business

Work your way backwards, and develop a cadence that works best for your organization.

eBook: How To Write Great OKRs

How to write great OKRs

Become an OKR master. This book contains everything you need to know when setting Objectives & KeyResults.

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