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Our simple but powerful OKR+ platform turns great strategies into amazing results. And it's free.

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    Finally a place where it all comes together

    Bring together your strategy with the goals that need to deliver your strategy, and the people that need to deliver those goals.

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    This is goals done right

    Take the pain out of goal-setting. Perdoo helps you understand what matters and ensures everyone is pointed in the same direction.

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    The overview you’ve always wanted

    Stop guessing. Know what’s going on and see how everything is progressing. Take action when needed and coach your team to success.

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    Join hundreds of successful organizations

    Companies of every size, and in 62 different countries, are using Perdoo to beat their competitors.

    Shannon Lincoln

    Perdoo enabled everyone in our organization to focus on results that matter, and got everyone pointed in the same direction.

    The ultimate guide to OKR

    Learn everything you need to know to get started with Objectives & Key Results.

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    How we are different

    Best resources & support

    We are widely known for offering the best resources and support.

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    Easiest-to-use product

    Everyone is saying it, we are proving it.

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    An approach that works

    We're the pioneers of simplifying goal management.

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    Plus, we're entirely free!

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