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March 20, 2023

Manage your Performance Reviews in Perdoo!

Alexandru Tiroch
Alexandru Tiroch
Product Manager, Perdoo
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Manage your Performance Reviews in Perdoo!

We just launched Performance Reviews! Performance Reviews, AKA appraisals, are key bi-directional meetings between managers and their direct reports, encouraging healthy conversations around performance, goals, career growth, achievements, challenges, and more. Such meetings help employees reach their full potential and contribute effectively to the organization as a whole.

Performance Reviews is currently in beta until the end of May — during which it will be available for free. After beta, there may be an additional charge involved. If you’d like access, simply reply to this email.

Here’s how Performance Reviews work in Perdoo:

1. Setting up Performance Reviews

If you’re looking to manage your Performance Reviews within Perdoo, head over to Configure to enable Performance Reviews for your account. In Templates, you’ll be able to create a standardized form by creating a mix of text and rating-based questions.

Setting up Performance Reviews

2. New People Management tab

You’ll find a brand new tab — People management — in the navigation panel on the left, hosting all people management tools — Performance Reviews and your 1:1s (coming soon!). Here you can schedule meetings as well as get an overview of all your past and future meetings.

People Management tab

3. Conducting a Performance Review

Prior to the scheduled meetings, managers and direct reports will fill out the curated Performance Review form. Doing so will create a summary view of responses from both parties, allowing you to compare and discuss the results.

Conducting a Performance Review

4. Performance Review reminders

Performance reviews are important meetings for employees, but also for the manager and the company as a whole. Therefore, to ensure managers and their direct reports stay on top of their scheduled Performance Reviews, we’ll send you reminders prior your scheduled meeting and if you haven’t completed the form.

Performance Review reminders

Coming soon!

We have a few exciting things in the pipeline. Here’s what you can expect soon:

  • 1:1s: Manage your 1:1s with coworkers to discuss action items and resolve blockers, as well as to reflect on performance, progress, and share constructive feedback.
  • Individual goals: Improved functionality for personal development goals, individual KPIs, and other personal goals.
  • HR admin role: The HR admin will have the ability to schedule and manage Performance Reviews company-wide.
  • Improvements to Kudos: Someone did a good job that aligned with your company values? Tag Kudos with a specific company value. A lot more exciting updates to Kudos will follow soon - stay tuned!
  • Google Calendar Integration: To ensure you never miss a 1:1, integrate your scheduled 1:1s with your Google calendar.
  • Excel Online Integration: Automatically update progress on your KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives with the Excel Add-on.

Stay tuned!


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