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May 17, 2023

New in Perdoo: Zapier, 1:1 updates, tag KPIs & Results, and more!

Zahra Currimbhoy
Zahra Currimbhoy
Marketing, Perdoo
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New in Perdoo: Zapier, 1:1 updates, tag KPIs & Results, and more!

Another month, another round of neat updates in Perdoo. Here’s what’s new, and what’s coming soon 👇

Improvements to 1:1s

Haven’t tried 1:1 meetings in Perdoo yet? Set up your first 1:1 here.

Surface Check-ins in 1:1s

Check-ins are an easy way to share wins, challenges, and progress with your manager and co-workers. Hence we received many requests to surface the most recent Check-in in our new 1:1 feature. Makes total sense, so we added it.

Surface Check-ins in 1:1s

Re-order 1:1 items

You can now re-order Talking points to ensure your most important points will be discussed first. The same goes for Action items!

Re-order 1:1 items

Deleting 1:1s

Did you incorrectly set up a 1:1? Or is a 1:1 no longer relevant? You can now easily delete a (recurring) 1:1 by clicking on the three-dot menu of each individual card.

Deleting 1:1s

Tag Results and KPIs

The ability to tag Objectives in Perdoo, along with the option to create custom tags and reports, allowed you to build any type of report. The downside? You could only tag Objectives — and not Initiative, Key Results, or KPIs. We've fixed that, so these powerful reporting opportunities are now available for all your goals in Perdoo.

You can set tags by navigating to the 'Advanced options' section in the Result or KPI modal.

Tag Results and KPIs

Group management with SCIM

We’ve made improvements to our SCIM integration to make it easier to keep your group data up-to-date in Perdoo.

In OKTA, Azure, and/or Onelogin:

  • All existing groups will be synched and updated in Perdoo.
  • Any new groups created will be added to Perdoo (excluding Onelogin).
  • If any users join or leave a group, these changes will be reflected in Perdoo as well.

Zapier integration

Missing an integration? Perdoo is now available on Zapier, allowing you to connect Perdoo to more than 5000 apps! Automate workflows and automatically keep the progress of your goals up to date.

Head over to Zapier to set up your first Zap! (And don't forget to let us know how we could further improve our Zapier integration for you.)

Coming soon!

We have a few exciting things in the pipeline. Here’s what you can expect soon:

  • Google Calendar Integration: To ensure you never miss a 1:1, integrate your scheduled 1:1s with your Google Calendar.
  • Due dates for 1:1 Action items: Soon you'll be able to add due dates to your 1:1 Action items.
  • Centralize all your Action items: Finding it hard to keep track of your Action items from your 1:1s? Soon we'll surface them all on Home!
  • Excel Online Integration: Automatically update progress on KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives with the Excel Add-on.

Stay tuned!


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