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July 19, 2023

Big upgrades to 1:1s and Check-ins in Perdoo!

Zahra Currimbhoy
Zahra Currimbhoy
Marketing, Perdoo
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Big upgrades to 1:1s and Check-ins in Perdoo!

Another month means another round of neat updates to Perdoo. This time, we’ve focused on making big upgrades to our 1:1 and Check-in features. Plus, we’ve improved our Jira integration!

Continue reading to see what’s new.

Upgrade to 1:1s

Haven’t tried 1:1 meetings in Perdoo yet? Set up your first 1:1 here.

Google Calendar Integration

Already have a recurring 1:1 Google Calendar meeting set up with your direct report? Or want to set one up from scratch?

Connect your Google Calendar with 1:1 meetings set up in Perdoo. Once your 1:1 in Perdoo is connected with your Google Calendar event, any changes made in your calendar will automatically be reflected in Perdoo.

(Outlook integration coming soon!)

Google Calendar Integration

1:1 templates

Do you want to standardize what’s being discussed in 1:1s across the organization? Or do you need inspiration for Talking points?

We now have 1:1 templates in Perdoo! The first templates are provided by us, but you can also set up your own.

1:1 templates

Recurring Talking points

Do you have Talking points that you’d like to discuss in every 1:1 meeting? You can now make Talking points recurring.

Recurring 1:1 points

Due dates for Action items

Did you agree on a specific deadline for a 1:1 Action item? You can now assign due dates to Action items.

If the Action item hasn’t yet been completed on the day it is due, we’ll send the assignee a reminder.

1:1 due dates

Action items centralized on Home

We’ve centralized all your pending and completed Action items on Home to help you stay on top of all the Action items from your various 1:1s.

Check these off from Home and they'll be marked as completed in the associated 1:1 meeting.

Action items on Home

1:1s in the Mobile App

On the go and need to prepare for or conduct a 1:1 meeting? You can now seamlessly manage Talking points and Action items from within the Perdoo mobile app.

1:1s in the mobile app

Improvements in Check-ins

Use Check-ins to regularly share your wins, challenges, and progress with your manager and coworkers.

Create 1:1 Talking points from a Check-in

It is a best practice for managers to review their direct reports’ Check-ins. While reviewing the Check-in they can now easily create Talking points for the upcoming 1:1.

Easily create a 1:1 talking point from a Check-in update to make sure you’re on top of everything that will help your people, teams, and organization move forward.

Check Ins Add Talking Points

Comment on anyone’s Check-in

Check-ins are an integral way for employees to report on goal updates and the work they’re focused on.

Want to ask a question about a specific update, follow up on a project, or simply acknowledge a job well done? You can now comment on anyone’s Check-in to do so.

Profiles Check Ins Commenting

All Check-ins centralized on the Company page

Want to see all submitted Check-ins from your company? We've now added a Check-ins tab on your Company page that surfaces all Check-ins.

Check Ins in one place

JQL in Jira

Using Jira and looking to keep your goals updated automatically? We’ve made the integration more powerful and added the ability to use JQL (Jira Query Language) to search and retrieve issues based on specific criteria and get exactly the data you need into Perdoo.

Coming soon!

As always, we have exciting things in the pipeline for you. Here’s what you can expect soon:

  • Check-in report: Managers will soon be able to receive an email with an overview of their direct reports’ Check-ins.
  • New Health report: The Engagement report will soon be renamed to the “Health” report. We’ve already added useful insights into the quality of your goals, and soon we’ll also add an in-app Health Score. This score will give you even better insight into how well your strategy & goal management practices are doing.
  • Simplified goal-setting: Over time, we’ve unwillingly complicated the goal-creation process in Perdoo. It’s time we fix that. We’ll soon be making goal-setting in Perdoo cleaner and simpler.
  • Filter by archived Results: In the All Goals section, you'll soon be able to filter based on archived Results.

Stay tuned!


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