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August 2, 2019

Presenting Explore, a speedy Check-in, Group archive, and more

Jonathan Morrice
Jonathan Morrice
CTO, Perdoo
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Presenting Explore, a speedy Check-in, Group archive, and more

This update is full of exciting new features that we’ve released over the past couple of weeks. Most of our new releases were focused on making it simpler for you and your organization to stay on top of your goals!


Explore brings all the different goals that you’ve added to Perdoo—be it KPIs, OKRs or Initiatives—together in one place. In Explore, you can search for specific goals across different teams and timeframes. It allows you to run all sorts of reports, create filters based on your own criteria, and save these views for quick access.

Here’s an example of how we use Explore at Perdoo:

We’ve created a filter for the KPIs that are unhealthy. During our monthly all-hands, we pull up that report and ask the lead of each KPI to give us a quick update on (i) why the KPI is unhealthy, (ii) what his or her plan is to bring it on track again, and (iii) what we could do as an organization to help with that.


It’s important to keep your goals up-to-date. To make sure you bring your goals to a good end, you need to stay on top of their progress. Regularly updating progress also keeps your colleagues and the executives in the loop.

Updating your goals in Perdoo was a bit cumbersome, as you had to update each goal individually. Our brand new Check-in feature solves that problem! With Check-ins you can update all your goals at once in just a few minutes.

Perdoo can also send out weekly reminders to make sure you never miss a Check-in again.

Archive groups

Perdoo now allows you to archive groups. That way, you can keep their data without cluttering your groups overview. This comes in handy if you need to set up temporary teams (e.g tiger teams) or if your organization goes through a restructuring where certain groups are no longer active.

Roles update

Every goal in Perdoo has always had certain roles connected to it. The problem was that the roles were inconsistent across the different goals. We’ve fixed this, so that working with the different types of goals is easier than before. All goals now have leads.

It’s now mandatory to assign a lead for each goal (KPIs, OKRs and Initiatives). The lead is the person accountable for the successful completion of that goal. By making the lead role mandatory, everyone in the organization can rest assured that each goal will have a person looking after it.

Kpi Lead


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