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September 23, 2021

Monthly KPI targets, Strategic Timeline, in-app example goals, and truly Custom Reports

Henrik-Jan van der Pol
Henrik-Jan van der Pol
CEO, Perdoo
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Monthly KPI targets, Strategic Timeline, in-app example goals, and truly Custom Reports

Set monthly KPI targets

For many KPIs, targets change from one month to the next. If you’re in the travel industry, the holiday season is likely your busiest, so your revenue targets should reflect that. Or another example: your SaaS product's NPS is 30 in March, but you want to raise it to 40 from July.

Perdoo will now uniquely let you monitor your targets vs actuals over time. Adjust your target as you progress. Know where you stand from month to month, as your KPI’s status (healthy/unhealthy) reflects whether you’re hitting your target or not.

This new functionality will be available to all accounts in the coming weeks. And remember to create an OKR and align it to your KPI to communicate how you plan to reach a new target! Need a refresher on OKRs vs KPIs? Read this article.

Setting Monthly Kpi Targets In Perdoo

Plan out strategy execution with Strategic Timeline

Your strategy will only materialize if you continuously invest in it. Strategic Timeline (deprecated) is where you’ll see what's being worked on throughout the year to turn your strategy into results. It shows how KPI health changes from quarter to quarter, so you can see if your strategy is working out or not.

Strategic Timeline in Perdoo

Not already using Strategic Pillars to share your strategy in Perdoo? That’s alright, you’ll still see all OKRs that are not aligned to Pillars at the bottom of your Timeline.

Be inspired by new example goals

When starting out with OKRs and KPIs, you often need some inspiration. How can I draft a great OKR title? What are typical Engineering KPIs? The new in-app goal library is there to help. It intelligently filters goals that are relevant for your Group, like Marketing or Finance. Open it up. Browse examples. Get inspired.

Make sure your team is in the same account

It’s super easy to sign up and get started with a Perdoo account. Sometimes too easy... In the past, a co-worker might have accidentally created a new Perdoo instance instead of joining your Perdoo account. But there’s now a solution.
Enable Domain sign-up, so that when someone in your organization tries to create a new Perdoo account, they will automatically join your account. Superadmins can switch on Domain sign-up in Configure>Access & Privacy.

Create truly Custom Reports

Reporting is a huge part of any successful strategy execution program. And Perdoo’s robust reports make that as simple as possible. With improvements to Custom Reports, you can now completely customize and re-order the fields in your reports. Looking for some inspiration? Try these.


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