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December 7, 2020

A tidier Roadmap, Strategic Pillars, in-app explanations and check-lists, and more

Henrik-Jan van der Pol
Henrik-Jan van der Pol
CEO, Perdoo
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A tidier Roadmap, Strategic Pillars, in-app explanations and check-lists, and more

As you start working on your first OKRs of the year, let’s recap on what’s new in Perdoo from Q4.

See the full picture with new tools in Roadmap

You asked, we delivered. You can now zoom out and view your full Roadmap no matter your company size. Plus, collapse any branch by clicking a parent Objective, or "Fold all" to pinpoint your focus. Roadmap’s benefitted from some visual tweaks to make communicating your plan even easier.

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Beta: Communicate your strategy

Want to visualize relationships between your strategy and the goals that will deliver it? Strategic Pillars in Roadmap is a Beta feature that takes strategic alignment to a whole new level. Teams can align their OKRs to Strategic Pillars and illustrate how they're aiming to deliver the strategy. To give it a try or find out more, simply contact us at 📬

Spot the insights that most of us miss

We all need a helping hand to catch the most important updates – to stay informed and boost our chances of achieving goals. Your Feed contains these essential updates on the health of goals in groups you care about. Head to your Home view to check what’s new for you.

Add groups or people from anywhere

Need to create a new group to own a goal you’re creating? Or maybe you’re yet to add a new team-mate to lead the goal? You can now create groups or add users when creating goals in Perdoo. Type the group name or the person’s email, and we’ll sort the rest.

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Get helpful pointers whenever you need them

New helpful explainers get you up to speed on all your favorite Perdoo features. Whether its a refresher on Explore, or you’re wanting new, rapid insights from Performance Reports, check out the links at the top of each Perdoo module. Plus, new customers now benefit from a clear checklist of steps to get started with OKR and Perdoo in no time.

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