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December 30, 2021

Aligned Objectives, funnel tracking with Growth Board, private KPIs, and more

Henrik-Jan van der Pol
Henrik-Jan van der Pol
CEO, Perdoo
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Aligned Objectives, funnel tracking with Growth Board, private KPIs, and more

As we head into 2022, Perdoo is set to help execute strategy and propel growth like never before. Here are the most exciting updates from the past few months.

Choose what drives each Objective's progress

Key Results drive the progress of most Objectives. An Objective says where you want to go. Key Results let you know if you're getting there. But for some Objectives, e.g. annual ones, you might want to calculate progress based on Aligned OKRs instead.

Now in Perdoo, you have greater flexibility to measure success as you see fit! On any Objective, pick whether Key Results or Aligned OKRs should drive its progress. Admins can enable this in Configure.

Flexible Objective Progress in Perdoo

Plan, track, and deliver revenue growth

The Growth Board is a cross-functional view of the KPIs that make up your funnel and help realize your growth goals. It tracks targets vs actuals over time and reveals which OKRs support each target.

You probably track your funnel and forecast in a bunch of different tools, disconnected from the work that helps deliver your desired growth. But the Growth Board brings it all together, helping to ensure you reach your 2022 growth goals!

Growth Board in Perdoo

Make any KPI private

We know that some of the KPI metrics you’d want to track on your Growth Board, or elsewhere in Perdoo, can’t always be shared with everyone. Along with Private OKRs in Perdoo, Premium customers can now also make any KPI private 🤫

Private KPIs in Perdoo

Drill down in your Performance Reports

Performance Reports give you a birds-eye-view of company performance. And now you can also drill down to understand how departments and teams contribute to that performance.

Filter your Performance Reports by groups to go from macro to micro, visualizing progress across each area of your organization.

Filter Performance Reports in Perdoo

Add context to your Strategic Pillars

Get everyone on the same page and share why your Strategic Pillars are the ones you’ve chosen. Strategy is, after all, a set of choices about how you’re different. Make sense of those choices by adding descriptions to your Strategic Pillars – they’ll appear on Roadmap and Strategic Timeline for everyone to see!

Add context to your Strategic Pillars in Perdoo


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