One of our New Year’s resolutions was to help our customers make regular team meetings more focused and goal-oriented through OKRs. With the first Perdoo update of 2018, we’ve laid the groundwork to make it happen.
Here’s what’s new:

A fresh look and insights for group profiles

The Group profile page has evolved from a simple overview of  team or department OKRs into one of the most powerful features in Perdoo.
Are you running a team meeting and want to show the progress since a week, a month, or a quarter? You will see an arrow with a percentage change (let’s hope it’s green, not red) next to every Objective title and below every Key Result’s progress bar.
Want to see at a glance how your team’s progress has developed? At the top of the Group profile, you will see the average progress of all of your Group’s OKRs as well as the percentage of Objectives and Key Results your team has already achieved.
At Perdoo, we’ve already been using the new Group profiles internally to run OKR-based team meetings for several weeks. It has boosted our focus and efficiency during these meetings, and we hope it will do the same for your team or department.

Drag & drop Key Results and Initiatives

Does one of your Key Results need more attention because it’s at risk? Move it to the top. Finished with an Initiative? Move it to the bottom. Creating a clear hierarchy of priorities for your Company and Group OKRs is intuitive and straightforward with Drag & Drop for Key Results and Initiatives.

A lot of other, smaller and bigger, updates

Besides the big updates above, we’ve added a couple of small features and user interface improvements.

  • Besides Objectives and Key Results, you can now export Initiatives as CSV files as well.
  • If you posted a rash comment on an OKR timeline, hit delete, and it’s gone.
  • When selecting a Timeframe from the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner, Timeframes are now sorted by start date, not alphabetically.
  • We’ve improved the way the Slack integration works, providing even more information about progress updates right in the Slack channel of your choice.