This month’s update is dedicated to making the life of a Group Lead in Perdoo easier. To help, we’ve launched weekly email reports to keep you up to date on how your Group OKRs are progressing, and we’ve redesigned the OKR Wizard to make aligning Group OKRs to Company OKRs much more intuitive.

Weekly email reports for Group OKRs

One of our most requested features is a regular OKR progress report via email, so we built it. The Weekly Roundup enables Group Leads to stay on top of OKRs, see how their team or department is progressing, and take action if an OKR is at risk or hasn’t been updated.

To receive the Weekly Roundup, you need to be a Group Lead.

If you’re not a Group Lead but would like to receive weekly email reports as well, submit your request via email to Your feedback is important in helping us decide what to build next.

Improved Alignment step in the OKR Wizard

Goal alignment is key to a successful OKR program, and aligning a Group OKR with top-level Company Objectives is now faster and more intuitive. We have redesigned how alignment works when creating OKRs in the OKR Wizard and now provide you with smart suggestions on which OKR to align to.

Recommended OKRs should include the one you’re looking for but for more flexibility, you can filter by Owner and Timeframe or search for any OKR in Perdoo.

Enhancements & bug fixes

Here are some of the enhancements we’ve made and bugs we’ve fixed to make your experience with Perdoo flawless:

  • Since user profiles show both the OKRs and Initiatives someone is leading or contributing to, we changed the name of the tab from OKRs to Responsibilities.
  • We fixed a bug where some people had issues updating profile pictures.
  • Under certain circumstances, a newly created Objective or a Key Result update would only show up in Perdoo after the page was reloaded. We fixed it to update in real-time.