A new year means new improvements. Here’s what’s new, and what’s coming soon 👇

Out-of-office settings for Check-ins

Were you out of office and unable to Check-in? We understand it’s frustrating to lose a streak you’ve worked hard to build up. No need to worry anymore — we’ve fixed this.

With the new OOO settings, you can skip a missed Check-in to restore your streak! This way you can also easily communicate to your manager and teams why the specific Check-in was missed.

Out-of-office settings for Check-ins

Revamped OKR closing form and statuses

Closing OKRs is an essential — and valuable — step within each successful OKR program.

Our new closing form is fully customizable and designed to make sure you’re documenting all key learnings after working on an OKR, providing all the context needed to make informed decisions moving forward. To share a quick overview of the closed goal, select an appropriate closing status —  accomplished, missed, or postponed.

Revamped OKR closing form and statuses

Filter by ‘outdated’ Results and KPIs

Your Results (Key Results and Initiatives) and KPIs are marked ‘Outdated’ when they haven’t been updated according to the desired update frequency.

In Goals, you can now filter by ‘outdated’ goals so you can take action where and when necessary.

Filter by 'outdated' Results and KPIs

Nested sidebar improvements

Having quick access to your company, groups, and people alongside their respective goals pages is helpful, but it may also take away focus when viewing goals and details.

We’ve made the nested menu collapsible to ensure you have a tidier view and can focus on the goals that matter. And from here you can also easily set up your manager and direct report(s).

Nested sidebar improvements

Coming soon!

We have a few exciting things in the pipeline. Here’s what you can expect soon:

  • Individual goals: Improved support for personal development goals, individual KPIs, and other personal goals.
  • Performance reviews: Conduct Performance reviews in Perdoo and get the most out of these meetings by surfacing meaningful contexts such as wins, challenges, and progress.
  • 1:1s: Manage your 1:1s with coworkers to discuss action items and resolve blockers, as well as to reflect on performance, progress, and share constructive feedback.

Stay tuned!