We released some exciting new features in June. Curious to know what those are? Here’s a quick rundown. 

Brand new Engagement Report

Ambassadors, this one’s especially for you! The new engagement report (now Health Report) is your one-stop-shop for a data-rich overview of your Perdoo account and OKR program’s health.

Keep your finger on the pulse with actionable engagement insights, group health statistics, and a complete goal progress overview. Struggling with disengaged users? Give them a nudge from within the report.

Brand new Engagement Report

Shared goals

Previously only one group could own a goal. It can happen, however, that more than one team works on an OKR or KPI. We’ve now launched the ability for more than one team to own a goal

When creating an OKR or a KPI, simply select the team(s) responsible for the specific goal under “Owner”.

Note: Head over to configure to enable Shared goals for your account.

Shared goals

Private Slack channels

Have goals that you don’t want to share to a public Slack channel? Don’t sweat it! You can now share updates in private channels as well. 

Note: You may need to update your Slack integration to enable private channels.

Private Slack Channels

Custom reports: goals “Aligned to”

Searching through a long list of goals can be challenging. We’ve made filtering for goals aligned to Objectives, KPIs, and Strategic Pillars within Custom Reports easier by grouping them into their dedicated categories.

Custom reports: goals “Aligned to”

Improved Jira integration

Goal progress based on Jira tickets will no longer be binary — with the new Jira integration you’ll have insight into your issue count and story points as well, so you can track progress toward your target.

Improved Jira Integration