In January, I mentioned that we had plenty of exciting updates to share with you in early 2021. I wasn’t wrong!

Draft and align on great OKRs

Writing great OKRs takes time and requires collaboration. But when you can see what has been worked on in the past, and what’s already planned next quarter, it all becomes much simpler.

You can now draft OKRs directly in Perdoo, with in-app guidance that’ll help you draft consistently great goals each quarter. Next time you write an OKR, mark it as “draft,” then set it live once finalized!

Set draft OKRs live once they're finalized

Keep on top of goals in MS Teams

With Perdoo, strategy becomes part of everyday conversations. One way we make that happen is through integrations with your favorite comms tools, like Slack.

With the Perdoo integration for Microsoft Teams, you’ll update all your goals at once with Check-ins and keep track of company or Group goals with pinned pages – all without leaving the place where your team communication happens. The integration will be available early this quarter, so watch out for a notification in the app!

Check-in directly from Microsoft Teams

Track how resources are allocated

When leaders know where things stand and are able to allocate resources accordingly, goals are way more likely to be achieved.

The new Group Members tab surfaces members’ latest Check-ins and their contributions both inside and outside the Group. Is a teammate leading several goals outside your Group? Good to know as you plan that “all hands on deck” project! Check the Members tab on your Group page.

Integrate with Jira

Using Jira? You can now seamlessly integrate Results in Perdoo (Initiatives or Key Results) and pieces of work in Jira Cloud (Epics, Stories, Tasks, and Bugs). Save time and guarantee always-updated goals so you can anticipate challenges early on. More details here.

Already using the integration? We’re keen to further improve it, so please send us your feedback via the in-app chat.

Create OKRs to improve KPIs

Our most successful customers use KPIs and OKRs alongside each other to drive business success. And now you can communicate what you’re doing, or what’s been done in the past, to fix an unhealthy KPI: Create an OKR to improve a KPI. Need a refresher on KPIs vs OKRs? Try this.