There are plenty of exciting updates from Perdoo HQ this past quarter. Let’s dive in.

Make an OKR private

Transparency is key, but sometimes an OKR can’t be shared with everyone. So you can now mark your OKR as Private, and hide it from everyone apart from those involved in it. Setting up new partnerships? Exploring a merger? Either way, Perdoo is the place to manage all your important goals, even those that can’t be shared.

Private OKRs in Perdoo

Consistently set great goals with new intelligence

Great goals lead to awesome results. So Perdoo has become even smarter, to help everyone in your team craft great goals each quarter. If Perdoo thinks your Key Result might be better tracked as an Initiative (ie. if it’s an output, not an outcome), then you’ll receive a helpful nudge when creating or editing your goal.

Visually connect strategy to the goals that’ll realize it

Strategic Pillars help you communicate strategy effectively. They are now available for all accounts, so you can visualize the relationships between your strategy and the OKRs & KPIs that’ll deliver it. You might have already been using OKRs to reflect your strategy, but strategy is (unlike an OKR) practically eternal. So if you’d like to migrate those “strategic” OKRs to Strategic Pillars, read this article.

Watch out for more improvements to help you plan and realize your strategy in the next months. Already using Strategic Pillars? We’d love to hear your feedback on the feature – start a chat in the bottom-right of your screen.
Roadmap with Strategic Pillars in Perdoo

Track your target throughout the quarter

It’s often the case that you’d like to make consistent progress throughout the quarter, or know where you would be if your progress had been linear. The new Target line on all progress-over-time charts shows you exactly this! And you can now export specific charts to liven up your next slide deck.
Roadmap with Strategic Pillars in Perdoo