Q3 2020 was another whirlwind of a quarter. But there are a bunch of exciting updates to tell you about. So let’s dive into what’s new in Perdoo:

Get a birds-eye-view of company performance

In the middle of a quarter, it’s not easy to lift your head up and get an overview of how your whole company is progressing. But with new Performance reports, you get an instant, holistic view of organizational performance across different timeframes. 

  • Spot insights in seconds with ready-made charts
  • Compare performance across timeframes to see emerging trends
  • Know where to direct resources as you evaluate progress across business areas

Check out Performance reports and send us your feedback!

Free up time to work on goals

Check-ins help you update all your goals at once. Our customers were already saving a full working day a year with Check-ins and achieving 3 times more of their goals. And now checking in is even smoother. ​Yet to start work on an Initiative or Key Result? Click to postpone until you’ve got something to share. 

💡  Pro tip: Add a start date when creating Key Results or Initiatives to avoid us bugging you to update your goal 🤓

Stay focused on current OKRs

Sometimes you’ll want to keep an OKR open after a timeframe has passed, eg to wait for the results of your marketing campaign to come through. So that your priorities remain front and center, you’ll now see all Active OKRs on your company, group, and user pages. Active OKRs are simply any OKRs that are yet to be closed.

Active Okrs And Filters

Finally, you’ve now got greater control over how you view OKRs, there are a bunch of new filters on the right-hand side of these lists ☝  Try them out to view only the info that’s relevant to you.