The latest update to Perdoo brings more ways to make Perdoo your own. With custom profile pictures and Leads for Key Results, it’s now easier than ever to see who is working on what.

Here’s what’s new:

Leads for Key Results

We’ve made it much easier to see who is contributing toward the progress of an OKR by allowing Group members to become Leads on Key Results. This means that Groups can easily share responsibility for influencing and updating the metrics tracked in an OKR.

For example: Marketing owns the Objective Build a large, engaged online audience. The Head of Marketing is the Objective Lead, while the Social Media Manager leads the Key Result Get 50.000 Facebook Likes, and the Email Marketing Manager leads the Key Result Acquire 10.000 newsletter subscribers.

The profile picture of the Key Result Lead is shown right next to the Key Result title, so you can tell at a glance who is responsible for which Key Result.

Custom profile pictures

We’ve redesigned the way profile pictures work to make it easier for anyone to upload a picture. Simply visit your profile page and click the “Upload new picture” button to upload your own picture, or add a group picture from the group page by clicking the  (Edit Group) button in the top right-hand corner. Profile pictures indicate group membership, ownership of Objectives, and now ownership of Key Results.

With the built-in image cropper, you can choose the square-shaped image section in no time, without having to edit the image in advance.

User Interface improvements

We’re continually making improvements to the Perdoo User Interface based on feedback from our customers. This month, we have changed the sidebar navigation to make it easier to access the pages you use most. This means that all Groups you’re a member of will appear below “My Profile” in the sidebar. Any Groups or users you want to follow you can star and find in the top navigation.

For admins, we’ve also added a search option to the user list in the Configuration menu which makes finding people easier from large lists of users.