This month’s updates help you better manage your goals and make it easier to collaborate on them. Connect your Slack account to send team updates to dedicated channels, filter initiatives by progress, suggest feature ideas from within Perdoo and — finally — a fresh redesign of our notification emails!

Dedicated Slack channels for teams

Many of our customers use Slack for internal communication, as well as to keep track of updates from other tools that they use. We launched a Slack integration a while ago, which sent all progress updates on your goals in Perdoo to a channel of your choosing. Our customers told us that this resulted in too many irrelevant updates: most users only wanted to see updates from their own team(s).

This is now possible! Our improved Slack integration enables you to configure the integration on group-level. That means that you can decide for each team and department which Slack channel progress updates should be sent to.

Group Slack Edit

Note that it will still be possible to set a Slack channel where all updates will be sent to!

Group Slack All

Progress filters for Initiatives

Initiatives are the projects and tasks that will help you achieve your OKRs. It’s important to be able to quickly access what’s completed and what’s not.

Last month, we introduced a more natural experience for completing initiatives. This month we’re adding filters for Initiatives. This enables you to easily filter out Initiatives based on whether they are in progress or completed.

Initiative Filters

We’ve added these filters everywhere you’ll see Initiatives!

Init Filters Sidepanel

Suggest ideas and features!

We’re very pleased with the large amount of users who frequently send us their feedback and ideas to help us further improve Perdoo. This helps us ensure we’re constantly shipping what you value.

We’ve now made it easier for you to send us your input by adding a link in-app to “Suggest an idea”. Clicking on that link will put you in direct contact with our Product team and will take you to a place where you can also have a look at our roadmap and what we’re planning to release.

Suggest A Feature

On our product roadmap, you will find the following tabs:

  • Under Consideration
    These are ideas we want to discuss with you. Tell us whether you think they add value and how specifically you’d like to see them implemented.
  • Planned
    This section gives you insight into what we’re prioritizing. Our roadmap is constantly evolving based on what we hear from our customers, so if you think something should have higher priority, please tell us.
  • Released
    Here you’ll find the features that we’ve recently released. Let us know whether you like them .

Fresh Notification Emails

Notification emails are a great way to keep track of important developments on your goals. We redesigned these emails to communicate the information that is relevant to you and make it easier for you to take action when needed.

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